Youth Program

The Jr. Leadership Program began in about 2001. Leadership 2000 PLUS was a part of a pilot program with the KS Health Foundation called Leaderfull Community. Part of the grant was to try ways to take leadership into the community, to the most people, as quickly as possible and document what happened. We had been discussing a Jr. Program and begun putting things in place, but this was the impetus to make it happen.104_1934


The program was held for freshman students in both Pratt High and Skyline schools on Wed. evenings, following a format of skill and capacity training similar to the adult training. The response was very good.

For a couple of years, Skyline offered a leadership course during school which cut back on our numbers, but that ceased and numbers arose again. Wed. evenings were always a worry and somewhat of a deterrent, but seemed the best evening. We kept looking at ways to improve the program and in 2008, after researching other programs, made a change to two, two-day sessions beginning with one right after school was out for the summer, another in mid summer and a wrap up in the fall with a possible project. This seems to work well and we will continue to work in this format and get it refined.


 Lisa Coss, alumnus and past board member now the Director of the Jr. Program, became involved in the Kiwanis Key Leader Leadership Camps and brought back many ideas.

For a period of time we had a youth group hoping to involve youth of all ages. A youth rally was held in March for about three years. It was successful but not as much as we had hoped. Discussions to continue the rally included the possibility of working with the schools to have it during school time and collaborate on the project. This idea was a success as in 2009 a committee was formed with representatives from Pratt High School and Skyline High School to host the youth rally at Pratt High School hosting every High School Freshman student. Since then now known as the Youth Leadership Summitit has grown to include Cunningham, Greensburg, South Central and Medicine Lodge.

The graduates continue to be a part of the program throughout the rest of their high school years to help facilitate and help the new students feel welcomed, with very satisfactory results. Young people bring great ideas and perspective to discussions and are very welcomed as participants.


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